Inga Pennborn, the creator of Lotta the Doctor Doll Inga Pennborn, the creator of Lotta the Doctor Doll

The year was 1982, and Inga Pennborn worked as a Hospital play terapeut at Helsingborg Hospital.
A director of the hospital made visits to several hospitals in the United States and found that they were far ahead of Sweden in the preparation of what would happen during for exampe an operation.
Those who worked with children at Helsingborg Hospital was then asigned with the construction of something that could be helpful for preparation.

Inga took her grandfather's old workbook to help. He was himself a physician and chemist, and invented, among other things amalgam. From the book Inga got an idea of ​​how to give children an insight into how our bodies really looks like.
To quote our dear Grandma: "To show the children that we are not flat as a board, like a painted picture. There are deep in the body and I wanted to show the children this." From these thoughts came the doll Lotta to the world, a soft cuddly doll that children can see, feel and learn from.
We work hard to maintain the same fine quality as our grandmother gave the dolls (which are named after Inga's daughter, our mother).

/Annie & Sandra Segerlind

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